David Howlett

Medieval Latin Dictionary

M.A., D.Phil., F.S.A.

Research Interests

Late and Insular Latin; Hebrew; Greek; Epigraphy

Selected Publications

‘Liber Epistolarum Sancti Patricii Episcopi’: The Book of Letters of Saint Patrick the Bishop (Dublin: Four Courts, 1994)

The Celtic Latin Tradition of Biblical Style (Dublin: Four Courts, 1995)

The English Origins of Old French Literature (Dublin: Four Courts, 1996)

British Books in Biblical Style (Dublin: Four Courts, 1997)

Cambro-Latin Compositions: Their Competence and Craftsmanship (Dublin: Four Courts, 1998)

Sealed from Within: Self-Authenticating Insular Charters (Dublin: Four Courts, 1999)

Caledonian Craftsmanship: The Scottish Latin Tradition (Dublin: Four Courts, 2000)

Insular Inscriptions (Dublin: Four Courts, 2005)

Muirchú moccu Macthéni’s ‘Vita Sancti Patricii’ Life of Saint Patrick (Dublin: Four Courts, 2006)

(with Charles Thomas)  “Vita Sancti Paterni”: The Life of Saint Padarn and the Originial “Miniu” , in Trivium 33 (2003), pp. 1–103

Articles in the Antiquaries Journal, Archivum Latinitatis Medii Aevi, Cambridge (now Cambrian) Medieval Celtic Studies, Mittellateinisches Jahrbuch, and Peritia, Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland, from 1992 to 2008


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