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Pusey glass
Hercules and the Ceryneian hind, 4th-century
gold-glass from Rome.(Ashmolean Museum)

Listed here are forthcoming academic events within the field of Late Antiquity (individual lectures, seminars, conferences, etc.) being held in Oxford, or being organised outside Oxford by OCLA Researchers. If you are looking for events in a specific area of Late Antiquity (e.g. within ‘Islam and the Islamic World’, or ‘The Post-Roman West’), visit that section of our site, where you will find only the relevant events listed

Late Antique and Byzantine
Archaeology and Art Seminar

Thursdays, 11am–12:30pm in Michaelmas Term 2017
The Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’ (First-Floor Seminar Room)

12 October (Week 1)
Hugh Jeffery:
The Triconch Church at Aphrodisias: Architecture and Embellishment AD 500–1250

19 October (Week 2)
Ekaterine Gedevanishvili:
Cult and Image of St. George in Medieval Georgian Art

26 October (Week 3)
Rowena Loverance:
A Sculptor and His Workshop in 11th-Century Greece

2 November (Week 4)
Irina Demetradze:
Defining Urban Space: Archaeology and Topography of Mtskheta

9 November (Week 5)
Stefan Faust:
Fun with Achilles. Late Roman Perspectives on the Life of a Greek Hero

16 November (Week 6)
Theocharis Tsampouras:
‘Painted in Dire Times’: Artists and Patrons Coping with Financial Changes in the Late Byzantine and Ottoman Balkans 

23 November (Week 7)
Grace Stafford:
Literary and Material Evidence for Early Christian Female Pilgrimage

30 November (Week 8)
Irene Giviashvili:
Ishkani, a Medieval Georgian Church in Northeast Turkey: Modern Restoration, New Findings
Conveners: Foteini Spingou and Ine Jacobs

Medieval Archaeology Seminar

Mondays at 3pm in Michaelmas Term 2017
Institute of Archaeology Lecture Room

The following seminar is relevant to Late Antiquity:

Wk 6 (13 November)
Torun Zachrisson:
Far and near – the central place of Helgö in Sweden: connections to the countryside and beyond

The rest of next term's events will be added
as soon as details become available


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