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Pusey glass
Hercules and the Ceryneian hind, 4th-century
gold-glass from Rome.(Ashmolean Museum)

Listed here are forthcoming academic events within the field of Late Antiquity (individual lectures, seminars, conferences, etc.) being held in Oxford, or being organised outside Oxford by OCLA Researchers. If you are looking for events in a specific area of Late Antiquity (e.g. within ‘Islam and the Islamic World’, or ‘The Post-Roman West’), visit that section of our site, where you will find only the relevant events listed

After Rome Seminar: Aspects of the History and Archaeology of the Fifth to Seventh Centuries

Thursdays at 5pm, Trinity College (in Danson Room except for Week 6)

1 May (Week 1)
Bryan Ward-Perkins (Trinity College, Oxford):
‘An Introduction to the European Research Council Cult of Saints Project’
To celebrate the launch of this project there will be a brief drinks reception after the seminar

8 May (Week 2)
Maria Lidova (Wolfson College and ‘Empires of Faith’ project):
The Imperial Theotokos: Revealing the Concept of Early Christian Imagery in S. Maria Maggiore

15 May (Week 3)
George Gereby (Central European University, Budapest):
Polemical narrative theology: the Protevangelium of James on the female, Jews, and the Nativity

22 May (Week 4)
Sylvain Destephen (Paris X, Nanterre):
Local martyrs and civic cults in Asia Minor

29 May (Week 5)
Mar Marcos (Universidad de Cantabria):
Flavius Constantius, the Urban Prefect, and the Church of Rome (AD 418–419)

5 June (Week 6)
Fanny Bessard (SOAS, London):
Shaping the early Islamic city in Mā warā’ al-nahr (Central Asia), social and economic dynamics (8th–11th CE)
NB: This week only the seminar will meet in Trinity’s Sutro Room

12 June (Week 7)
Marie Legendre (Oriental Institute, Oxford):
A meaningful silence: Landowning in early Islamic Egypt between the ‘grands domaines’ and Abbasid caliphal estates

19 June (Week 8)
James Howard-Johnston (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)
The Grand Strategy of the Sasanian Empire

Conveners: James Howard-Johnston and Bryan Ward-Perkins

Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology
and Art Seminar

Thursdays, 11am–12.30pm in Trinity Term 2014
St John’s College, New Seminar Room

1 May (Week 1)
Prof. Wolfgang Hahn (University of Vienna; OCBR Visiting Professor):
Some remarks on the Byzantine issues of the Roman mint during the eighth century

8 May (Week 2)
Prof. Andrew Wilson (All Souls):
The nymphs and palms of late Roman Aphrodisias

15 May (Week 3)
Dr Anne McCabe (CSAD):
Equestrian sports in and near the Great Palace at Constantinople: Part 1

22 May (Week 4)
Agnieszka Lic (St Cross):
The mosque at Sobata/Shivta in the Negev in the context of Muslim-Christian relations in Bilad al-Sham in the early Islamic period

29 May (Week 5)
Dr Simon Davies:
From statue to ‘relief icon’: transition in medieval Byzantine sculpture

5 June (Week 6)
Prof. Elizabeta Dimitrova (Skopje):
Art and ritual in the sacred images of Macedonia paleocristiana: mosaics, frescoes, relief decoration

12 June (Week 7)
Prof. Cyril Mango (Exeter):
Equestrian sports in and near the Great Palace at Constantinople:  Part 2

19 June (Week 8)
Dr Jeffrey Featherstone (Corpus) and Dr Philipp Niewöhner (Brasenose):
The topography of the Great Palace and the iconography of the Walker Trust Mosaics at Constantinople

Conveners:  Dr Marlia Mango (St John’s) and Philipp Niewöhner (Brasenose)

Byzantine Law Seminar

Wednesdays in Weeks 2, 5, and 6 of Trinity Term 2014, 11 am–1 pm
Hovenden Room, All Souls College. All welcome

7 May (Week 2)
Dr Dafne Penna (Groningen):
Hagiotheodorites: the last ‘antecessor’? Some remarks on one of the new Basilica scholiasts

28 May (Week 5)
Dr Silvia Schiavo (Ferrara):
The Edicta Praefectorum Praetorio of Cod. Bodl. Roe 18, edited by K. E. Zachariae in 1843

4 June (Week 6)
Dr Hylkje de Jong (VU Amsterdam):
The Actio Legis Aquiliae in Byzantine Law

Convener: Boudewijn Sirks
With the kind support of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research

Patristics Seminar

Tuesdays in Trinity Term 2014 at 5.00pm
Christ Church: Staircase 8, Lecture Room 1 (upstairs), except on 20 May

April 29 (Week 1)
Mark Edwards (University of Oxford):
What did the Early Church mean by Eternal Death?

6 May (Week 2)
David Hunter (University of Kentucky):
Priesthood and Politics: Ambrosiaster and a Crisis of Authority in Late Fourth-Century Rome

13 May (Week 3)
Charlotte Klingelhoeffer (University of Oxford):
Justin Martyr and the Stoics

20 May (Week 4)
Ilaria Ramelli (University of Rome):
To be arranged
This talk will take place in Lecture Room 2 (downstairs)

27 May (Week 5)
Gyorgy Gereby (University of Central Europe):
Early Christian Political Theology

3 June (Week 6)
Anthony Dupont (University of Leuven):
The Regional and Controversial Context of North African Theology: Augustine of Hippo’s Appeal to Cyprian of Carthage

10 June (Week 7)
James Bergida (University of Oxford):
Usury and the Early Church

17 June (Week 8)
Dimitrios Pallis (University of Oxford):
Approaches to Philo of Alexandria

For further information, apply to

Porphyry Seminar: Philosophical and Historical Perspectives

Wednesdays of Trinity Term 2014, 5–6.30pm (followed by drinks)
Corpus Christi College Seminar Room

30 April 2014 (Week 1)
Richard Sorabji (University of Oxford)
A Romp through Porphyry of Tyre

7 April 2014 (Week 2)
Riccardo Chiaradonna (Università degli Studi Roma Tre):
Porphyry’s Reading of Aristotle’s Categories and the Peripatetic Commentary Tradition’

14 May 2014 (Week 3):
Timothy Barnes (University of Edinburgh):
Porphyry and the ‘Great Persecution’

21 May 2014 (Week 4):
Christophe Erismann (Université de Lausanne);
Porphyry's Tree as a Relational Structure

28 May 2014 (Week 5)
Gillian Clark (University of Bristol):
Porphyry knew better: Augustine, City of God Book 10

4 June 2014 (Week 6)
Fay Edwards (Washington University in St Louis):
Porphyry’s De Abstinentia’

11 June 2014 (Week 7)
Aaron P. Johnson (Lee University):
The Philosophical Uses of 'historia' in Porphyry

18 June 2014 (Week 8):
Mark Edwards (University of Oxford):
Porphyry and the Justification of Allegory

This seminar is co-organised by Anna Marmodoro and Neil McLynn, and is supported by the Centre for the Study of Greek and Roman Antiquity at Corpus Christi College, the Oxford Classics Faculty and the Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies Project

The Roman Discussion Forum

Wednesdays in Trinity Term 2014 at 1.00 pm
Lecture Room, Institute of Archaeology, Beaumont Street

The following two items on the programme are relevant to Late Antiquity:

Wednesday 30 April (Week 1)
Dr Julia Lenaghan (Ashmolean Museum):
Recycling Statuary: Evaluating portrait monuments of the fourth century

Wednesday 18 June (Week 8)
Dr Rebecca Darley (Birmingham):
Late Roman coins as economic and ritual objects in south India

Organisers: Andrew Wilson, Nichole Sheldrick, and Amanda Sharp
with the support of the Faculty of Classics, the School of Archaeology,
and All Souls College

Seminar on Abrahamic Religions

Mondays, 5.30–7 pm, in the Oriental Institute

Conveners: Professor Martin Goodman, Dr Mark Edwards, and Dr Nicolai Sinai

28 April (Week 1)
Professor Carlos Fraenkel (LMH):
Violence and intolerance in the Abrahamic Religions

5 May (Week 2)
Katherine Perry (Pembroke) and Anna Chrysostomides (St Antony’s):
Violence in Luke 22:35–8 and Christian martyr descriptions from the early Islamic descriptions

12 May (Week 3)
James Bergida (Blackfriars) and Jonathon Wright (St Stephen’s House):
Usury as bloodless warfare in the arguments of Ambrose and post-biblical interpretation of Simeon and Levi

19 May (Week 4)
Sam Baddeley (St Peter’s) and Lucy Parker (Lincoln):
Irenaeus’ Against Heresies and outsiders in Christian hagiography

26 May (Week 5)
Kim Czajkowski (Merton) and Cecilia Palombo (Pembroke):
Pagans on Jewish misanthropy and anti-Jewish polemics in Coptic-Arabic Christian homilies

2 June (Week 6)
Anthony Rabin (Wolfson) and Marten Krijgsman (St Cross):
Forcible circumcision in the Second Temple period and the ethics of war in Deuteronomy

9 June (Week 7)
Charlotte Klingelhoeffer (Regent’s Park) and Dr Nicolai Sinai (Pembroke):
Tertullian against heresies and Qu’ranic polemic against Judaism

16 June (Week 8)
Dr Sinai and Professor Fraenkel:

Seminar on Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman Period

Tuesdays, 2.30 to 4 pm, in the Oriental Institute

Convener: Professor Martin Goodman

The following two seminars relate to Late Antiquity:

20 May (Week 4)
Dr Esther Chazon (Hebrew University):
Alternate approaches to prayer

27 May (Week 5)
Dr Vered Shalev (Wolfson):
Jews, Christians, and church building in Capernaum

Workshop: But how shall we converse? Dialogue and Debate from Late Antiquity to Byzantium

Friday 4–Saturday 5 July 2014
Keble College


Organizers: Averil Cameron (Oxford) & Niels Gaul (CEU Budapest)


TORCH Book at Lunchtime

Discussion of Averil Cameron's new book,
Byzantine Matters (Princeton University Press)

Wednesday 21 May 2014 at 12.45pm at TORCH, Radcliffe Humanities Seminar Room

More information at

Khalili Research Centre Seminar

Tuesdays in Trinity Term 2014
Lecture Room, KRC, 3 St John Street, 2.00–4.00pm

29 April (Week 1)
Dr Elizabeth Fowden (FAMES, Cambridge):
The Parthenon Mosque

6 May: Week 2
Dr Francesca Leoni and Ms Helen Moulden (Eastern Art, Ashmolean Museum):
Islamic Art Online: Merging Museum Collections on a Single Portal

13 May (Week 3)
Dr Derek Kennet (Department of Archaeology, University of Durham):
The Development of the Gulf and Eastern Arabia from the Sasanian Period to the Tenth Century

20 May (Week 4)
Dr Nadia Ali (Empires of Faith Project, KRC and Wolfson):
Early Islamic Iconography Reconsidered: Scope, Problems and Approaches

27 May (Week 5)
Dott.ssa Cristina Tonghini (Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte Musulmana, Università di Ca’ Foscari, Venice):
The Citadel of Shayzar and the Evolution of Military Architecture in the Mediaeval Near East

3 June (Week 6)
Umberto Bongianino (KRC and LMH):
Introducing Maghribi Scripts. Arabic Palaeography in the Muslim West

10 June (Week 7)
Dr Mariam Rosser-Owen (V&A) and Dr Rosalind Wade Haddon (Independent Scholar):
A New Look at Samarra: Small Finds from the Herzfeld Excavation in the Victoria and Albert Museum

17 June (Week 8)
Agnieska Lic (Institute of Archaeology and St Cross):
The Wawel Casket

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