Theses on Late Antiquity completed since September 2007


Andreas Duering (St Cross; Archaeology)
Computer-based simulations of early medieval populations based on cemetery evidence
Supervisor: Helena Hamerow

Abigail Tompkins (St Cross; Archaeology)
The Avon Valley in the 5th to mid-7th centuries: A frontier polity?
Supervisor: Helena Hamerow


Scott Ables (Regent's Park College; Theology)
The Purpose of Perichōrēsis in the Polemical Works of John of Damascus
Supervisor: Mark Edwards

Renie Choy (Pembroke College; Theology)
Carolingian Monasticism and Intercessory Prayer, c.750­830
Supervisor: Sarah Foot

James Cook (Christ Church; Classics)
Preaching and Christianization: reading the sermons of John Chrysostom
Supervisor: Teresa Morgan

Sarah Leeser (Keble College: Theology)
Eighth-century lives of English saints
Supervisor: Sarah Foot

Oliver Pengelley (Keble College; History)
Rome and the Anglo-Saxon Imagination
Supervisor: Sarah Foot


Renan Baker (Wolfson College; Classics)
A study of a late antique corpus of biographies [Historia Augusta]
Supervisor: Neil McLynn

Girolamo De Simone (St John’s College; Archaeology)
The dark side of Vesuvius: Landscape change and the Roman economy
Supervisor: Andrew Wilson

Morgan Dirodi (St Cross College; History)
Space, monuments, and religion. The christianisation of the late antique Levant
Supervisor: Bryan Ward-Perkins

Carmela Franco (Wolfson College; Archaeology)
The production and distribution of Sicilian amphorae in the Roman and
Late Roman periods

Supervisor: Andrew Wilson

Javier Martinez (Lincoln College; Archaeology)
Urban water supply in late antique Iberia (AD 400–800)
Supervisor: Bryan Ward-Perkins

Prerona Prasad (Keble; History)
Byzantine foreign policy in the age of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus: diplomacy, military intervention and ideology
Supervisor: James Howard-Johnston

Miranda Williams (Wolfson College; History)
The African Policy of Justinian I
Supervisor: James Howard-Johnston


Richard Marshall (Wadham College; Classics)
Varro in Late Antiquity
Supervisor: Tobias Reinhardt

Adrastos Omissi (Oriel College; History)
Usurpation and the Formation of Legitimacy in the Later Roman Empire, A.D. 284–455
Supervisor: Neil McLynn

Luigi Prada (The Queen's College; Oriental Studies)
Dream interpretation and its sociocultural context in Roman Egypt: Edition of an unpublished dream interpretation handbook in Demotic
Supervisor: Mark Smith

Alberto Rigolio (St John's College; Classics)
Higher education in the Eastern Roman Empire during the IV–V centuries
Supervisors: Neil McLynn and David Taylor

Stuart Thomson (Corpus Christi College: Classics)
Clement of Alexandria’s ‘Stromateis’
Supervisors: Tim Whitmarsh and Mark Edwards


Erica Buchberger (University College; History)
Perceptions of ethnicity in early medieval Francia and Spain
Supervisors: Bryan Ward-Perkins and Chris Wickham

Sean Leatherbury (Corpus Christi College; History)
Early Byzantine Mosaic and Text
Supervisor: Jaś Elsner

Adam Levine (Corpus Christi College; History)
Late Antique/Early Byzantine religious iconography
Supervisor: Jaś Elsner

Jennifer Strawbridge (Keble College: Theology)
Early Christian education
Supervisors: Christopher Rowland and Teresa Morgan


Davor Aslanovski (Kellogg College; History)
Byzantine iconoclasm – concepts of apophatic theology
Supervisor: Jaś Elsner

Camille Geisz (Wolfson College; Classics)
Nonnus of Panopolis' Dionysiaca
Supervisor: Jane Lightfoot

Kelly Kilpatrick (Wadham College; History)
Early Insular environmental history
Supervisor: Thomas Charles-Edwards

Gavin McCormick (Brasenose College; Classics)
The Christian community as family up to the fourth century
Supervisor: Teresa Morgan

Jesse Simon (University College; History)
Images of the built landscape in the later Roman Empire
Supervisor: James Howard-Johnston

Clifford Sofield (St Cross College; Archaeology)
Placed deposits in early medieval settlements
Supervisor: Helena Hamerow


Susan Blackburn Griffith (Regent’s Park College; Theology)
Medical imagery in the sermons of Augustine of Hippo
Supervisor: Mark Edwards

Emilio Bonfiglio (Pembroke College; Oriental Studies)
John Chrysostom’s discourses on his first exile: critical edition and commentary of the Greek original and of the Latin, Armenian and Syriac ancient versions (CPG 4396–9)
Supervisors: Theo van Lint and Nigel Wilson

Felicity Clark (The Queen’s College; History)
The frontiers of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria
Supervisor: John Blair

Christopher Ferguson (St Cross College; Archaeology)
The nature of coastal communities in the NE of England, c.AD 400–800
Supervisor: Helena Hamerow

Elif Keser-Kayaalp (Exeter College; Archaeology)
Church architecture of Northern Mesopotamia, AD 300–800
Supervisor: Marlia Mango

Georges Kazan (Kellogg College; History)
Cults and Relics at Constantinople: their origins and development before Iconoclasm (A.D. 300–720)
Supervisor: Marlia Mango

Jonathan Kirkpatrick (Balliol College; Classics)
Evidence for paganism in Roman Palestine
Supervisor: Martin Goodman

Bec McGann (Exeter College; Archaeology)
Image and text in early Christian iconography
Supervisor: Jaś Elsner

Francis Morris (Merton College; Archaeology)
Trade and exchange across the North Sea in the Late Roman Period
Supervisor: Helena Hamerow

Thomas Munt (Wolfson College; Oriental Studies)
The Caliphs and the Hijaz, ca. 660–860
Supervisor: Chase Robinson

Robert Portass (Balliol College; History)
The transformation of Gallaecia and northern Spain in the late antique period
Supervisor: Chris Wickham

Efthymios Rizos (Keble College; Archaeology)
Late antique urbanism in Thrace
Supervisor: Bryan Ward-Perkins

Alan Ross (Wolfson College; Classics)
Ammianus Marcellinus
Supervisor: Neil McLynn

Mark Tomlinson (Wolfson College; Theology)
Pagan and Christian theory of sacrifice
Supervisor: Mark Edwards

Ryan Topping (Regent’s Park College; Theology)
Augustine’s educational theory
Supervisor: Mark Edwards


Ann Cole (Kellogg College; History)
The place-name evidence for a routeway network in early medieval England
Supervisor: John Blair

Mikael Oez (Somerville College; Oriental Studies)
Cyriacus of Tagrit and his book On The Divine Providence
Supervisor: David Taylor

Joanna Pike (St Cross College; History)
Spectacle entertainment in Late Antique Rome
Supervisor: Neil McLynn

Timothy Power (Wolfson College; Oriental Studies)
The Red Sea economy during the ‘long’ late antiquity, AD 500–1000
Supervisor: Jeremy Johns

Alberto Rigolio (St John's; Classics)
Syriac translations from Greek in the V–VI centuries
Supervisor: David Taylor

Enid Rubenstein (Wolfson College; Oriental Studies)
Women's voices in Jewish liturgy in antiquity
Supervisor: Martin Goodman

Miranda Williams (Wolfson College; History)
Roman-Sasanian Relations (532 to 545 CE)
Supervisor: James Howard-Johnston


Susannah Belcher (Magdalen College; Classics)
Ammianus Marcellinus
Supervisor: Neil McLynn

Nicola Clarke (Wolfson College; Oriental Studies)
Historiographical perspectives on the Islamic conquest of Spain
Supervisor: Chase Robinson

Greg Fisher (Keble College; Classics)
Between empires: Ghassanids, Lakhmids and others
Supervisor: Averil Cameron

Michael Griffin (Oriel College; Classics)
The Reception of Aristotle’s Categories, c. 80 BC to AD 220
Supervisor: Tobias Reinhardt

Meaghan McEvoy (New College; History)
Imperial minorities in the fourth- and fifth-century west
Supervisor: Peter Heather (King’s College London)

Timothy Michael Law (Wolfson College; Oriental Studies)
The value of the Syrohexapla for recovering Origen’s Greek text
Supervisor: Alison Salvesen

Christian Sahner (St John’s College; History)
The parting of the ways between East and West in Late Antiquity (M.Phil.)
Supervisor: Neil McLynn


Julia Hofmann (The Queen’s College; History)
The politics of Merovingian Gaul 512–751
Supervisor: John Nightingale

Theodore Papaioannou (University College; History)
Transport amphorae in western Asia Minor, 6th to 11th centuries
Supervisor: Marlia Mango

Dimitrios Skrekas (Merton College; Modern Languages):
The iambic cannons of John of Damascus
Supervisor: Elizabeth Jeffreys

Rota Stone (St Hilda’s College; Oriental Studies)
Interpretation of the theme of enmity in the Exodus narrative in Origen and the Mekhilta d-Rabbi Ishmael
Supervisor: Alison Salvesen


Christopher Stephens (Christ Church; Theology)
Council of Antioch 341
Supervisor: Mark Edwards