Wendy Davies

Wendy Davies

B.A., Ph.D., F.B.A., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S.

Additional member of the Faculty of History, University of Oxford

Professor of History Emerita, University College London

Formerly Pro-Provost (Europe), UCL

Email: w.davies@ucl.ac.uk

Research Interests

Wendy Davies’s research centres on the social and economic history of pre-industrial rural communities in Europe; to that end, she has worked on the way surviving text conditions our perception of community identity and land-use (hence work on early medieval charters) and has been much involved in archaeological fieldwork. She is committed to working across disciplines and to working in collaboration with other scholars: she has convened the – still active – ‘Bucknell’ charter group since 1979, and, with others, has run interdisciplinary projects which explore the interaction between text and field evidence. Always with a broad interest in western Europe, her earlier work tended to focus on Wales and Brittany, but in recent years she has been much occupied with northern Spain in the early middle ages.

Selected Publications:


Wales in the Early Middle Ages (Leicester, 1982)

(ed. with Paul Fouracre) The Settlement of Disputes in Early Medieval Europe (Cambridge, 1986)

Small Worlds. The Village Community in Early Medieval Brittany (London, 1988)

Patterns of Power in Early Wales (Oxford, 1990)

(with G. G. Astill) The East Brittany Survey: Fieldwork and Field Data (Aldershot, 1994)

(ed. with Paul Fouracre) Property and Power in the Early Middle Ages (Cambridge, 1995)

(with G. G. Astill) A Breton Landscape (London, 1997)

(with James Graham-Campbell et al.) The Inscriptions of Early Medieval Brittany (Oakville CT & Aberystwyth, 2000)

Acts of Giving. Individual, Community, and Church in Tenth-Century Christian Spain (Oxford, 2007)

Welsh History in the Early Middle Ages: Texts and Societies. Farnham: Ashgate, Variorum Collected Studies Series (2009). xiv + 346 pp.

Brittany in the Early Middle Ages: Texts and Societies. Farnham: Ashgate, Variorum Collected Studies Series (2009). xvi + 340 pp.

(edited, with Paul Fouracre) The Languages of Gift. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2010). xv + 305 pp.



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‘Summary justice and seigneurial justice in northern Iberia on the eve of the millennium’, Haskins Society Journal , 22 (2010 [2012]), 43–58


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