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Pusey glass
Hercules and the Ceryneian hind,
4th-century gold-glass from Rome.
(Ashmolean Museum)

Listed on this page are all the researchers in Oxford at post-doctoral level, who work wholly, or in part, within the field of Late Antiquity. Details of their publications and interests can be found by following the links to their individual web-pages. If you are looking for information about researchers within a specific area of Late Antiquity (e.g. the Post-Roman West, or the Islamic World), visit that part of our site, where you will find only the relevant people listed.

Nadia Ali (Early Islamic iconography and its wide late antique context) [Oriental Studies]

Daniel Andersson (Byzantine Aristotelian scholia; Islam/Greece) [History]

Jane Baun (Byzantine church and religious culture) [Theology & Religion]

Peter Bell (Late Roman and Byzantine history) [Classics]

John Blair (Post-Roman West) [History]

Markus Bockmuehl (Biblical and early Christian studies) [Theology]

Phil Booth (Late Roman, Byzantine and early Islamic history) [Theology & Religion]

Alan Bowman (Late Roman history and archaeology) [Classics]

Sebastian Brock (Syriac; Eastern Christianity) [Oriental Studies]

Averil Cameron (Late Roman and Byzantine history and literature) [Classics]

Thomas Charles-Edwards (Post-Roman West; Celtic world) [Medieval & Modern Languages]

Ursula Coope (Classical and late antique philosophy) [Philosophy]

Sally Crawford (Archaeology of post-Roman West) [Archaeology]

Wendy Davies (Post-Roman West; Celtic world) [History]

Juliette Day (early Christian liturgy; late antique hagiography) [Blackfriars]

Beate Dignas (Sasanian-Roman relations) [Classics]

Mark Edwards (Christian thought; Late antique philosophy) [Theology & Religion]

Jaś Elsner (Late Roman art) [Classics]

Richard Finn (Pagan, Jewish, and Christian asceticisms) [Theology & Religion]

Sarah Foot (Post-Roman West, Anglo-Saxons, and Bede) [Theology & Religion]

Ulrich Gehn (Late-antique statuary) [History]

Helen Gittos (Anglo-Saxon England, history of liturgy) [History]

Martin Goodman (Jewish history) [Oriental Studies]

Susan Griffith (Patristics, Late Antiquity, New Testament, early Christianity) [Theology and Religion]

Helena Hamerow (Archaeology of the post-Roman West) [Archaeology]

Carol Harrison (Augustine; Music in Early Christianity) [Theology and Religion]

John Hayes (Pottery of the Mediterranean) [Archaeology]

Judith Herrin (Byzantine history and culture) [Emerita, KCL]

Peregrine Horden (Late antique medicine and charity) [History]

James Howard-Johnston (Byzantine, Balkan, and Persian history) [Classics]

David Howlett (Late and Insular Latin; Hebrew; Greek; Epigraphy) [Classics]

Linda Hulin (North African landscape archaeology) [Archaeology]

Ine Jacobs (Late Roman archaeology and culture) [Archaeology, Classics & History]

Nadia Jamil (Early Arabic language and literature) [Oriental Studies]

Marek Jankowiak (7th-century Byzantium, Monothelitism) [Khalili]

Elizabeth Jeffreys (Byzantine Literature) [Medieval & Modern Languages]

Michael Jeffreys (Byzantine Literature) [Medieval & Modern Languages]

Jeremy Johns (Islamic history and archaeology; late antique Sicily) [Khalili Research Centre]

Helen Kaufmann (Late Latin poetry) [Classics]

Julia Konstantinovsky (Late antique Christianity and philosophy [Theology & Religion]

Sophie Kovarik (Egypt in Late Antiquity) [Classics]

Robin Lane Fox (Church and state under the late empire) [Classics]

Marc Lauxtermann (Byzantine Literature) [Medieval & Modern Languages]

Julia Lenaghan (Roman sculpture) [Classics]

Conrad Leyser (Late antique west; Christianity) [History]

Maria Lidova (Late Antique and Byzantine Art) [History]

Christopher Lillington-Martin Late Antique military history and archaeology)

Michael Macdonald (Pre-Islamic Arabia, epigraphy, literacy, nomads) [Khalili Research Centre]

Judith McKenzie (Late Roman and Byzantine archaeology) [Archaeology, Oriental Studies & Classics]

Neil McLynn (Late Roman history; Christianity) [Classics]

Cyril Mango (Byzantine history and culture) [Medieval & Modern Languages]

Marlia Mango (Byzantine archaeology and art) [History]

Anna Marmodoro (Classical, Late Antique, and Medieval Philosophy) [Philosophy]

Laura Miguélez-Cavero (Late antique literature in Greek) [Classics, Balliol]

Fergus Millar (Late Roman Near East) [Oriental Studies]

Teresa Morgan (Early church history) [Classics]

Arietta Papaconstantinou (Late antique Egypt) [Oriental Studies]

Vivien Prigent (Byzantine sigillography and numismatics) [Classics; Maison française d'Oxford]

Stan Rosenberg (Western patristics, culture and society) [Theology & Religion]

Lindsay Rudge (Post-Roman West; monasticism) [International Development]

Christian Sahner (Early Islamic History, Relations between Muslims and Non-Muslims) [Oriental Studies]

Alison Salvesen (Judaism and Christianity) [Oriental Studies]

Gesa Schenke (Late antique Egypt and Coptic Papyrology) [History & Oriental Studies]

Vered Shalev-Hurvitz (Late Roman and Early Byzantine Architecture) [Wolfson College]

Richard Sharpe (Post-Roman West; Celtic world) [History]

Christos Simelidis (Patristics; Gregory of Nazianzus) [Classics]

Nicolai Sinai (The Qur'an, Arabic philosophy) [Oriental Studies]

Boudewijn Sirks (Roman law) [Law]

Bert Smith (Late Roman art and archaeology) [Archaeology]

Mark Smith (Demotic and Coptic literature and religion) [Oriental Studies]

Richard Sorabji (Ancient Philosophy) [Philosophy]

David Taylor (Syriac; Aramaic; Eastern Christianity) [Oriental Studies]

Robert Thomson (Armenian; Georgian; Syriac; Eastern Christianity) [Oriental Studies]

Peter Thonemann (Late Roman and Byzantine Asia Minor) [Classics]

Roger Tomlin (Late Roman history) [Classics]

Luke Treadwell (Islamic World; Monetary history) [Khalili Research Centre]

Katharina Ulmschneider (Post-Roman West; archaeology and economy) [Archaeology]

Elena Ene D.-Vasilescu (Byzantine culture, Church history, and Patristics) [History and Theology]

Yuhan Sohrab-Dinshaw Vevaina (Sasanian Studies, Late Antique Iran, Zoroastrianism) [Oriental Studies]

Michael Vickers (Late Roman archaeology; Georgia) [Jesus College]

Irini Fotini Viltanioti (late antique philosophy and early Christian thought) [Theology}

Susan Walker (Roman art; Roman Egypt) [Ashmolean Museum]

Bryan Ward-Perkins (Late and post-Roman history and archaeology) [History]

Joanna Weinberg (Rabbinic literature) [Oriental Studies]

Robin Whelan (Late and post-Roman history, late antique Christianity) [History]

Mary Whitby (Byzantine literature and history) [Classics]

Carolinne White (Patristics; monastic literature, hagiography) [Classics]

Marlena Whiting (Late Antique Near East; pilgrimage) [Classics]

John Wilkes (History and archaeology of the Balkans) [Classics]

Andrew Wilson (Roman economy and technology) [Archaeology]

Rachel Wood (Sasanian religious iconography) [Classics]

Johannes Zachhuber (Christian theology and philosophy) [Theology & Religion]

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