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Pusey glass
Hercules and the Ceryneian hind,
4th-century gold-glass from Rome.
(Ashmolean Museum)

On this page are listed all the doctoral and two-year M.Phil. students currently studying at Oxford in Late Antiquity or the late Roman empire.

Oxford theses on Late Antiquity completed since 2007

Philippa Adrych (Magdalen; Classics)
The Cult of Mithras in the Second to Fourth centuries AD
Supervisor: Jaś Elsner

Kristian Akselberg (Pembroke College; Theology)
Ecclesiology in the Catechetical Lectures of St Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem
Supervisor: Yannis Papadogiannakis

Jaqueline Bemmer (Jesus College: History)
The Authority of Early Irish Law in Practice
Supervisor: Thomas Charles-Edwards 

Moshe Blidstein (University College: Theology)
Transformations of Purity in Late Antiquity: Theories and practices of purification, 100–400 CE
Supervisor: Guy Stroumsa

Lynton Boshoff (The Queen's College: Classics)
The Mythological Epics of Blossius Aemilius Dracontius in their Socio-Political Context
Supervisors: Stephen Harrison and Helen Kaufmann

Jamie Chandler (University College; History):
The numismatic evidence for centralized government in post-Roman Britain
Supervisor: Bryan Ward-Perkins

Keith Collins (Keble College; Theology)
Christian concept of wisdom
Supervisor: Mark Edwards

Jeremiah Coogan (Oriel; Theology)
The Origin of the Septuagint Odes
Supervisor: Alison Salvesen

Dominic Dalglish (Wolfson College: Archaeology)
Art in the East between Parthians/Sasanians and Rome
Supervisor: Jaś Elsner

Simon Davies (Lincoln College; Archaeology)
Animal sculpture in medieval Constantinople
Supervisor: Marlia Mango

Jessica Dunham (St Cross: Archaeology)
The reuse of Roman objects in early Anglo-Saxon graves
Supervisor: Helena Hamerow

Jessica Ehinger (St Peter’s College; Theology)
Borders and the borderline: Theological effects of the stabilized Byzantine-Islamic broders during the period of the Islamic expansion
Supervisors: Jane Baun, and Hugh Kennedy (SOAS)

Simon Ford (Exeter College; History)
Imperial loyalty and identity among the elite of Roma Oriens, 4th–6th centuries AD
Supervisors: Neil McLynn and David Taylor

Katie Hager (St Cross College: Theology)
Shifting Foundations: Understanding the influence of Evagrius Ponticus on John Cassian
Supervisor: Philip Booth

Akemi Horii (Worcester College; Oriental Studies)
Chinese and East Asian imported ceramics in the Gulf
Supervisor: Jeremy Johns

Gareth Hughes (Wolfson College; Oriental Studies)
The memre of Narsai of Nisibis
Supervisor: David Taylor

Jelena Jaric (St Cross; Archaeology)
The Early Medieval Military Conflicts between Byzantium and the 'Barbaricum': A Case Study on the Archaeological Evidence from the Central Balkans
Supervisor: Andrew Wilson

Anniken Johansen (St Cross College; Theology)
The Concept of Theosis in Dionysius the Areopagite between Greek and Syriac tradition
Supervisor: Yannis Papadogiannakis

Trent Jonson (St Cross College: Oriental Studies)
Early Islamic Coinage of North Africa and Spain
Supervisor: Luke Treadwell

James Kelly (Lady Margaret Hall; Theology)
Etymology in Augustine and others
Supervisor: Mark Edwards

Konstantin Matthias Klein (Brasenose College; Classics)
Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the Fifth Century
Supervisor: Neil McLynn

Stefanie Lenk (Wolfson College: History of Art)
Baptismal art in early medieval West
Supervisors: Jaś Elsner and Gervase Rosser

Adam McBride (Queen's; Archaeology)
Great Hall Complexes in Anglo-Saxon England
Supervisor: Helena Hamerow

Frazer MacDiarmid (Christ Church; Theology)
Sacrifice and Suffering in Ignatius of Antioch's notion of Christian identity
Supervisor: Mark Edwards

Bradley J. Marsh (St Cross College; Theology)
A Textual-Exegetical History of the so-called 'Proto-Samaritan' Text-Type
Supervisor: Alison Salvesen

Trevor Morse (St John’s College; History)
Anglo-Saxon aristocracy
Supervisor: John Blair

Dimitrios Pallis (St Cross College: Theology)
The Liturgical Sytnhesis of Dionysios the Areopagite
Supervisor: Mark Edwards

Aleksander Paradziński (Kellogg College; History)
Senators, bishops, decuriones and barbarians IV–VI century – a study of the relationship between Roman elites and their barbarian counterparts
Supervisor: Bryan Ward-Perkins

Matthieu Pignot (St Cross College; History)
The Catechumenate in Italy and North Africa, 4th–6th centuries
Supervisors: Neil McLynn and Conrad Leyser

Sukanya Raisharma (St John's College; History)
The formation of the authority of the church fathers in the Latin West: a study of the north Italian manuscripts c. 450–c. 650
Supervisors: Neil McLynn and Conrad Leyser

Werner de Saeger (Kellogg College; Architectural History)
The transformation of Sacred Architecture in Late Antiquity: from Domus to Basilica
Supervisors: Paul Barnwell and Allan Doig

Yurika Sakai (St Cross; Archaeology)
The transition from the late Roman to early Anglo-Saxon period in the Upper Thames Valley: an analysis of stable isotope values
Supervisor: Helena Hamerow

Lilly Stammler (Corpus Christi College; History)
Attitudes towards place and space in medieval Bulgarian hagiography in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
Supervisor: James Howard-Johnston

Joe Streeter (University College; Classics)
Identity in fourth-century Rome
Supervisor: Jaś Elsner

Alexander Townson (St Cross College; Oriental Studies)
Palace architecture and ceremonial in Umayyad Spain
Supervisor: Jeremy Johns

Matthew Twigg (Regent's Park College; Theology)
The Nag Hammadi Apocalypse of Paul (NHC V,2) and the Divine Name in Valentinian Gnosticism
Supervisor: Mark Edwards

Jeff Volkmer (Wolfson College; Oriental Studies)
The language and text of the Peshitta Psalms
Supervisor: David Taylor

Marlena Whiting (Lincoln College; History)
Travel in the Late Antique Levant: a study of networks of communication and travel infrastructure in the 4th–7th centuries
Supervisor: Marlia Mango

Brendan Wolfe (Wolfson College; Theology)
Germanic Arianism
Supervisor: Mark Edwards

George Woudhuysen (St John's College; History)
The Fall of the House of Constantine, 324-366
Supervisor: Bryan Ward-Perkins

Jonathon Wright (St Stephen's House; Oriental Studies)
Joseph and Aseneth: reconsidering contexts for understanding text(s)
Supervisor: Alison Salvesen

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