Islam & the Islamic World: Research Students

The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Listed on this page are the graduate students working towards an Oxford research degree, whose work falls wholly, or in part, within the field of Islam & the Islamic World. If you are looking for the full list of all graduate students working on Late Antiquity at Oxford, return to our Home Page, and follow the link to ‘Graduate Researchers’ that appears there.

Jessica Ehinger (St Peter’s College; Theology)
Borders and the borderline: Theological effects of the stabilized Byzantine-Islamic broders during the period of the Islamic expansion
Supervisors: Jane Baun, and Hugh Kennedy (SOAS)

Akemi Horii (Worcester College; Oriental Studies)
Chinese and East Asian imported ceramics in the Gulf
Supervisor: Jeremy Johns

Trent Jonson (St Cross College: Oriental Studies)
Early Islamic Coinage of North Africa and Spain
Supervisor: Luke Treadwell

Alexander Townson (St Cross College; Oriental Studies)
Palace architecture and ceremonial in Umayyad Spain
Supervisor: Jeremy Johns

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