The Sasanian World: Seminars & Events

King Sapor I
Shapur I capturing the Roman
emperor Valerian, from a
relief at Naqsh-i-Rustam

Please join us for a discussion to
mark the publication of this book

The Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity

edited by Oliver Nicholson

Friday 1 June 2018
Danson Room, Trinity College at 5pm

The discussion will be led by Garth Fowden and Bryan Ward-Perkins


The Iranian World from the Sasanians to Islam

Mondays at 5pm in Trinity Term 2018
Wolfson College, Linton Road

Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, Bahari Lecture Series,
Faculty of Oriental Studies,
Lorne Thyssen Research Fund,
and the Ancient World Cluster at Wolfson College

23 April (Week 1)
Luke Treadwell (University of Oxford):
Islamic kingship in the high Abbasid era: the reinvention of Sasanian tradition?

30 April (Week 2)
Peter Webb (University of Leiden):
Let us go down, and there confound their language’: speech and identity in the late antique Middle East

7 May (Week 3)
Harry Munt (University of York):
Pre- and early Islamic history in Iranian local histories

14 May (Week 4)
Rachel Wood (University of Oxford):
Interpreting Sasanian sacred iconography after the Islamic conquest

21 May (Week 5)
Kianoosh Rezania (Ruhr-Universität Bochum):
The Zoroastrian goddess Dēn in Islamic robe: her figure in Zoroastrianism and its transfer to Islam

28 May (Week 6)
Jaakko Hameen-Anttila (University of Edinburgh):
What was the Middle Persian Book of Kings (Khwadaynamag)?

4 June (Week 7): NO SEMINAR

11 June (Week 8)
Robert Gleave (University of Exeter):
“Rule over them as you do the People of the Book”:  Zoroastrians and Zoroastrian customs in early Islamic legal sources

Conveners: Alain F. George (Khalili Research Centre), Christian C. Sahner (The Oriental Institute), and Yuhan S.-D. Vevaina (The Oriental Institute)


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