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Tetrarch (Galerius?). Porphyry head from Gamzigrad, ancient Romuliana, early fourth century. National Museum, Belgrade
Porphyry head of a tetrarch
(probably Galerius),
from Gamzigrad

The project was devised and directed by R.R.R. Smith and Bryan Ward-Perkins. The main part of the research on the statuary was carried out by Julia Lenaghan, and that on the epigraphic and literary evidence by Ulrich Gehn and Carlos Machado (the latter an external collaborator on the project, working at the Universidade Federal de São Paulo). The technical manager, responsible for the computing side, was Jeremy Worth (ICT Manager of Oxford’s School of Archaeology). Silja Spranger, in writing a doctoral thesis on ‘Honorific statuary in the third century AD’, provided essential background to the developments of the fourth century and later.

A number of external collaborators provided entries in the database  for the following bodies of material: Johanna Auinger (Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut, Wien) and Alexander Sokolicek (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University) for the statuary and bases at Ephesus; Francesca Bigi and Ignazio Tantillo (Università degli Studi di Cassino) for the bases at Gortyna and Lepcis Magna; Amelia Brown (University of Queensland) for the material at Corinth; Gabriel de Bruyn (Université de Caen) for the imperial bases of central and western north Africa; Yuri Marano (Università di Padova) for the last statues and bases in Italy; Christian Witschel (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg) for the bases in Iberia, Gaul and the upper Danube provinces; Marianne Bergmann (Göttingen and Berlin) for the surviving statuary in porphyry. The work on the epigraphical and literary evidence was co-ordinated, and edited, by Bryan Ward-Perkins.

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