Greek Scripture and the Rabbis (European Seminar on Advanced Jewish Studies)

[Completed Project]

Project Leader: Dr Alison Salvesen

Up to the present, views of Scripture in Judaism from antiquity to the rise of Islam have been shaped by the fact that rabbinic literature is written in Hebrew and Aramaic, even though many Jews in the eastern Mediterranean and their religious leaders knew only Greek. Even the recent Cambridge History of Judaism (2006) failed to include a chapter on the role of Greek language and literature. The purpose of the project was an investigation of Jewish Greek versions of the Bible among Jewish communities of the first to sixth centuries CE, both from rabbinic sources and from internal indicators in what remains of the translations themselves.

Completed volume: T. M. Law and A. Salvesen, Greek Scripture and the Rabbis, Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology, 66 (2012)